VIDEO | Outrage at learner seen hurling insults at teacher

VIDEO | Outrage at learner seen hurling insults at teacher

The education sector and the community at Maphophe near Malamulele in Limpopo have expressed shock following the circulation of cellphone footage reportedly showing a learner hurling insults at a teacher.

The video, believed to have been shot at Basopa Secondary School at the village, shows a boy ridiculing his teacher’s hairstyle, to the amusement of his peers.

The incident reportedly happened in August 2022.

Community members at Maphophe have described the incident as an act of hooliganism, and they say it is distasteful and barbaric.

“These days, most of the learners are on drugs. Every time during break, they are smoking something, that’s the problem. I don’t condone learners disrespecting teachers. They will not learn anything with such an attitude. Teachers are like parents, if you don’t listen to them you will never succeed.”

The video below gives more details about the incident: 

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