Violence remains a serious injustice against women: EFF

Violence remains a serious injustice against women: EFF

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Member of Parliament Ntokozo Hlonyana says the violence that the state enables is one of the most serious injustices that women in South Africa face.

Hlonyana participated in the debate on Tuesday afternoon ahead of International Women’s Day.

The theme of this year’s debate in the National Assembly is “A year of decisive action to advance women’s rights in South Africa, Africa and the world.

“The most heinous of the injustices women face in this country must be the violence that is enabled by the state on women. Just between October and December last year, there were over 15 000 reported cases of sexual assault and over 12 000 cases of rape were reported. Most of these cases will not result in successful prosecution, least of all arrest. This is because the police services have had their capacity eroded because of incompetent men now leading it.”


Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) MP Heloise Denner says unemployment affects women the most.

“Unemployment is another crisis that does immeasurable damage to the goal of women empowerment. At 42.6% and measured against the world average of 6. 1%, we have the highest unemployment rate in the world, which is twice that of Somalia, a war-torn country. You express your sympathy with women in war-torn countries, but we have more than Somalia’s unemployment rate. Women are also those who suffer most under unemployment. A crisis that’s compounded by the gender pay gap, you have also mentioned, but what has your government done for thirty years?”

“Women liberated SA”

Meanwhile, National Freedom Party (NFP) Parliamentary leader, Ahmed Shaik-Emam, says women liberated South Africa.

He also paid tribute to his late party leader, Zanele Magwaza-Msibi.

“I want to congratulate the women and the contribution you have made to liberate South Africa and where we are today. In fact, many of you are leading by example. I want you to continue with that good work, continue with uplifting human rights and the rights of women here. Many will come here and talk about women but when they go back home they undermine their women.”


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