Want even more chill than Mauritius? Check out Rodrigues island

Want even more chill than Mauritius? Check out Rodrigues island

We climbed aboard and the motor gurgled to life with a flick of this veteran fisherman’s hand. Surrounded by the amazing ocean expanse, we were handed snorkelling gear with which to explore the beauty of the deep. The pure visibility made it an unforgettable experience and certainly one of the best dive sites in Mauritius.

We then powered up Orca 2 again and soon Île aux Chats beckoned. We beached on this idyllic islet not quite believing our eyes. We walked through the forest while our hosts prepared a Rodriguean braai of grilled marlin and honey-basted chicken. After three hours, Hedley hoisted the sail and we savoured the silence, except for the lapping of wafting waves.

Next stop was Île Hermitage, where we climbed a rocky outcrop to view the beauty below. We relaxed on our own private beach, then back to Mourouk Beach where we anchored and waded through the rising tide. We bade Hedley farewell and continued our exploring, climbing Mont Limon, the island’s highest point at 393m, for a panoramic view.

Octopus hanging out to dry is a common sight and around every corner a kot (kiosk) can be seen. We discovered a popular bakery in Port Mathurin called Loul & Co, where we savoured delicious pastries and freshly baked bread. We sought the local sea food and Chez Madame La Rose is perfect. A typical Rodriguean restaurant near Pointe Coton, its menu includes cari ourite (octopus curry) and crabe sauce rouge (crab in a red sauce).

We stopped outside Rodrigues Prison, which has no prisoners. Crime is unheard of here and the walls are painted with brightly coloured murals.

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