Water from Hammanskraal not showing contamination, yet: Mahlobo

Water from Hammanskraal not showing contamination, yet: Mahlobo

Deputy Water and Sanitation Minister David Mahlobo says that it cannot be said conclusively at this point that water from taps in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria, show cholera contamination, as investigations are still ongoing.

Earlier, Tshwane Executive Mayor Cilliers Brink said that recent tests on the water supply from taps did not indicate positive for cholera.

Mahlobo has questioned the comments from Brink and has cautioned that water from the taps should be used for other household purposes, but not human consumption.

Seventeen people have died of Cholera in the area in the past few weeks.

Mahlobo has sought to assure residents that water provided from tankers is good for consumption.

“I’ll be very wary to start to say the water is free from cholera. What is not disputed is that where is the source of the problem, the waste water treatment plant called the Rooival, we all know that it’s operating beyond the design capacity. Therefore, we cannot be in the position now and come and claim that the water that comes from Rooival, ultimately treated, is clean, that will be very mischievous. The issues of provision for water in the meantime, the water tankers that have been moving around Hammanskraal, we can guarantee that that particular source of water is good.”

VIDEO | Water and Sanitation investigating Hammanskraal water crisis: Mahlobo


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