What’s cooking this week: Can you really eat your wrinkles away?

What’s cooking this week: Can you really eat your wrinkles away?


It’s midmorning and I’m peckish. I find myself munching on a new protein bar, a chocolate brownie-flavoured one, which will stave off my hunger pangs with the promise of being high protein and low GI.

More than that, enjoying it — and one of these protein bars a day for the foreseeable future, which the packaging doesn’t state — could possibly help to reduce my wrinkles in 28 days as well as improve my skin’s hydration, elasticity and firmness.

And for a lady my age, that’s way more important than the kJ value or taste of said bar, which is fairly pleasant.

This protein bar (R27.95) is part of a duo of products in the recently released Beauti Food range from Futurelife, the people who have put a new spin on breakfast cereals among other things. The other is a nutritional shake (R149.95 for 7 x 55g sachets). 

These Beauti Foods, say FutureLife, are scientifically formatted to enhance skin health through the mixture of collagen peptides, vitamins, minerals and protein they contain.

Collagen is the essential component of connective tissue we lose as we age, so could supplementing it with a bar or shake a day put me on the path to eternal youth? Could it really be that easy?

The Futurelife Beauti Food range is available from the big pharmacies.

Here’s what else has been cooking in the world of food, wine — and my kitchen — this week:

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