Wits takes serious stance on suspensions

Wits takes serious stance on suspensions

Wits University spokesperson Shirona Patel says the institution will not budge on the further suspension of students if the violence on its campuses continues.
She was responding to another set of demands put forward by the Wits SRC today.
Wits University spokesperson Shirona Patel says private security were brought in so that lectures were not disrupted:

They say, if their demands are met, they will declare a 24-hour ceasefire on their week-long protest action.
The SRC is demanding that police and private security be removed from campus and suspensions of protesting students be stopped.
Patel elaborates:
“The police have been removed from campus already, they are gone. The second is on private security. If the students calm down and can commit that there will be no violence, they won’t intimidate others, that they won’t damage property and won’t disrupt lectures then we can reduce the number of private security that we have. The university has said that there has to be consequences for actions, they were suspended because they broke the rules, so the university won’t move on that one.”

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