Woman scammed with fake FB marketplace payment

Woman scammed with fake FB marketplace payment

It took Mavis’* niece less than an hour to get a “customer” on Facebook Marketplace to sell a six-burner Smeg gas/electric stove for R7,000.

A day later, Mavis would weep and be left with a heartache and a fake bank proof of payment after an online scammer vanished with the stove she had hung onto for years.

All it took to convince her that the buyer  was legitimate was an SMS “confirming” payment details and the buyer’s photo and ID. The photos have since turned  out to have been stolen. 

“My niece posted the stove on Facebook on Saturday and on the same day, I received a call from a man who seemed desperate to buy it for his mother whose 51st birthday was supposed to be the following day.

“He was charming and pleaded with me that I shouldn’t sell it to anyone and that he’d make a payment the same day and collect on Sunday morning in time to hand it to his mother as a birthday present,” said Mavis.

The following morning, the man texted her that he would be sending someone to pick up the stove and that he would be sending her the proof of payment for the sale.

She received the proof with his photos.

Original Story by www.sowetanlive.co.za


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