Nov 22 — Dec 21

Communications are off. The planets have lost their way. Relationships have never been weirder. And in some ways, you feel as though you’re ambling through a fog. Never mind that. It’ll pass — around mid-September. Meanwhile, think about using this time as it was supposed to be used. Until further notice, you have planetary help with giving up any ridiculous habits you’re still dragging along. Get moving. You could change your life this week.


Dec 22 — Jan 19

Ongoing projects have been put on hold for no reason. Don’t take it personally. And more importantly, don’t over-react. If you can, make alternative plans. Either way, you’ll be back in the saddle by mid-September. Meanwhile, get out of the house. Someone you bump into could lead you to a brand new — and exciting — adventure. This is one of those times when your inner leader needs to take a back seat. You might find you enjoy a little surrender.


Jan 20 — Feb 18

Contracts, negotiations, legal details — all these insanities are boring you to death. But they need to be handled. And handled well, they can assure you greater security than a scatterbrain like you has the right to expect. In which case, if you can’t manage yourself, get someone to help. Meanwhile, turn your attention to a love life that has moved into overdrive. Create some romance. Take a trip. Play mindless games. Enjoy.


Feb 19 — Mar 20

Maybe it’s not the relationship that’s driving you dilly. Maybe it’s that you’ve had enough, are exhausted beyond breathing, and have nothing left to give. This happens to everyone at one time or another. The trick is not to abandon ship. The ship, you see, is not sinking. It’s just you that needs to steer a new course. And you’ve got until September 15 to rethink your destination. Meanwhile, be kind to yourself — for a change.


Mar 21 — Apr 19

Old rivalries can be dealt with now, as everyone learns to see through more enlightened eyes. The fuses are still short and tempers will flare unless you pay attention. Financially, you’ll have to look out for the odd hidden agenda. Not that you won’t have a few of your own. But it’s always good to test the waters on both sides of the fence. There’s money to be made if you’re willing to share. Give it some thought.


Apr 20 — May 20

Relationships are tottering as your charm and tact temporarily desert you. Not that it matters. You’ll have all the chances you need to fix your mistakes next month. For now, concentrate on an unnervingly mobile career. People and planets are there to help — but only if you’re giving them something good in return. For now, agree to everything but ask for time to think. And lay off the coffee. Get some sleep.


May 21 — June 20

Once again, seemingly fabulous deals must be postponed — preferably until mid-September. None of this is your fault. The planets are simply offering some time to rethink all those mad decisions. While you’re there, take another look at your colleagues. There’s a hidden agenda you don’t know about and someone wants you out of the way. Remember: no-one can do anything to you unless you allow it. Rise above this. It has nothing to do with you. Let them play their own little games.


June 21 — Jul 22

The planets are conspiring to give you a break — urging you to preserve your energy for the dramas ahead. So if you have a chance to be alone, take it. A new cycle is about to begin (mid-September), digging up parts of yourself you’d forgotten were there. And don’t you dare fret about missing out. What you cram into a normal day would take most people a year. For now, tell yourself to wait 24 hours before making any decisions. That fabulous intellect is not working as well as it might… for now.

Your chart 

Apollo Rilke

(February 11 1996, Benoni, 9.31am

Sun sign: Aquarius

Moon sign: Scorpio

Rising sign: Aries

It’s your impatience that stops you in your tracks. You want everything done your way — and what’s more, you want it done yesterday. Of course, if you’re the one looking for a job, there are some who’ll find your attitude annoying. Perhaps you should wait until you’re seated at a desk before giving orders. That aside, you’re destined for extraordinary success — provided you watch your mouth. You’re inventive, productive and clever. But even you still have things to learn. This coming year is your greatest learning curve, cosmically designed to teach you about independence and courage. You might think about starting something of your own. Either way, keep busy. If you sit around waiting for your life to arrive, you’ll still be waiting this time next year. Pay attention to every potential offer while swallowing the occasional small helping of humble pie. One day you’ll look back on this time, and amaze yourself at your progress. Great things ahead.


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